Mission & Vision


Foster a healthy church, a holistic healing church, a church that acts as light and salt. 

Continue to provide human services and financial support to the mission fields as well as intercessory prayer. 

Missionary Focuses:

Cambodia: Missionary Kim, Byung Kyo

Bolivia: Missionary Nam, Kye Young

Nigeria: Missionary Lee, Neung Sung


Experience the presence of God in worship and glorify our God through our devotional life.

Set an example for community and world evangelization, and let the Saints learn the word of God. They can actively work in Christ’s body so that God’s power appears in their lives.

Our Actions


  1. Fellowship: Share each others’ lives in Jesus Christ.
  2. Education: We worship and learn the principles of God’s Word and gather for lifelong education.
  3. Evangelism: Let unbelievers believe in Jesus Christ and actively work in the body of Christ.
  4. Ministries: Train laymen in the church to minister.
  5. Train each saint to live a life devoted to them, to use spiritual gifts and build godly leaders to work effectively in the church and community
  6. Learn the full worship of God’s presence, praise, prayer, and Bible teaching.
  7. Maintain reconciliation and unity of family life, find out the needs of people outside the Church, and lead them to Jesus Christ and fill their needs.
  8. Recognize that we are fighting spiritual warfare in this world and use God’s power in our lives.
  9. Always engage in the Holy Spirit and live a mature Christian life.
  10. Teach stewardship with time, talents, and wealth.
  11. Encourage the saints to have a vision for mission and practice it.